Oval Construction & Renovations

  • BWD can provide full construction of a new oval as well as renovations and upgrades to existing ovals.  Advice, costings and maintenance schedules are all available.

  • Soil Analysis Test

    A comprehensive soil analysis test can accurately determine existing soil pH levels, as well as fertility and trace element levels.

    Our soil test comes complete with a written report recommending application rates and types of fertilisers, ameliorants or trace element required for the establishment and maintenance of a strong and healthy turf cover.

    Core drill sample testing of sub soil structure is also available.


  • Oval Construction/Renovations

    Oval construction from survey, design and construction, through to practical completion and hand-over.

    Existing oval and sports field renovation works and ongoing maintenance, if required.

    Services provided - Soil anaylsis and soil structure tests, earthmoving and civil works, design and installation of sub surface drainage, irrigation systems, laser levelling, topdressing, oversowing, re-fertilisation and amelioration, de-compacting, de-thatching, line planting of stolons, direct seeding or laying of turf, all aspects of mowing, weed and pest control, wicket tables, goal post removal and re instatement.

  • Herbicide/Fungicide/Insecticide

    We can supply and apply Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides to your specifications or visit your site and make a recommendation.  

    Sprays can be applied using either a tractor operated boom spray, 100L spray tank and hand held gun or a knapsack.

    All of our operators are holders of current AG Vet Chemical user permits.


  • Large/Small Scale Laser Leveling

    When constructing an oval or playing field the levels for the finished product are vital, we recommend Laser grading which uses precision instruments to move the soil around so slopes and direction are exact, giving the best possible finish.  

    We can also calculate finished levels.

    Contact us to arrange a site inspection and pricing for your needs.


  • Ripping/Cultivation/Rotary Hoeing

    Chisel Ploughing, Power Harrowing, Disc Harrowing and Rotary Hoeing.

    Ripping and cultivation of soil to a fine tilth for the purpose accurate grading and creating an ideal seed bed, which leads to higher germination rates.

    Areas can be cultivated in preparation for Tractor Seeding and Hydromulching. 

    Organic matter, soil ameliorants such as agricultural lime, gypsum, fertilizer and trace elements can be spread and incorporated into soil prior to grassing.

  • Topdressing

    On ovals in regular use during both wet and dry seasonal conditions the surface can become quite uneven, and in some cases unsafe. 

    To overcome this problem regular topdressing with imported local top soil using a specialised low ground pressure, computerised spreader truck, followed by a tractor operated smudger and drag mat will grade to finished levels and improve the evenness of the oval surface. 

    Topdressing material should be of the same specification or type as the base growing medium.

    BWD can arrange to provide soils and turf sands to specification.

  • Grassing

    Once constructed, it is time to grass your playing field or oval. 

    Several grassing methods can be used, including Hydromulching, Tractor drill seeding or Turfing using specific seed blends. 

    We can also provide line of planting of stolons/sprigs.

    It is important that grass is irrigated with sufficient amounts of water, especially during the post planting-establishment period, to produce a nice healthy playing turf.

  • Dethatching, Scarifing & Sweeping

    Dethatching, Turf Scarifing, Turf Sweeping, Golf Course dethatching, oval dethatching

    BWD have recently acquired a Turfmac TTR3 machine which is used for verticulting, de-thatching, scarifying, sweeping playing fields, sports grounds and golf courses, it can also be used for cleaning up storm damage, collecting leaves, stolon harvesting of couch / kikuyu and clean up following coring.

    Thatch management is vital in Spring and Summer to improve growth and water management.  Thatch is a build up of organic matter which can include dead grass leaves, stolong, rhizomes and over crowded grass roots and lateral weed growth.

    Reducing thatch concentrations increases the level of water, air and nutrients that can get through to the root zone of the grass plants.  Removing thatch also helps the grass by encouraging it to thicken up and also makes it stronger and less susceptible to disease. 

  • Fertilisation


    Soil pH levels as well as fertility and trace element levels are important for the successful growth of lawn, grass .

    With the results of a soil analysis report we are able to establish the appropriate fertiliser and ameliorants for optimum lawn growth. 

    A regular maintenance program can be arranged to keep grassed areas looking green and healthy.

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