Turf Management

  • As a long established and experienced Turf Contractor ,we have at our disposal, a variety of grass establishment and renovation practices, techniques and equipment.  We would be more than happy to call at your convenience, without obligation, and provide a written priced proposal in schedule form for a variety of treatments.  We are also able to offer a full reconstruction service, cricket wicket installation and re-grading or total re-surfacing, including grassing options of seeding, stolons, turfing, also maintenance or installation of irrigation systems.

  • School Oval Maintenance

    A Playing field/Oval require regular servicing and maintenance in order to perform at their best over a long period of time.

    A typical maintence program for a sports turf would include the follow, soil analysis to accurately monitor soil pH, fertility and trace element levels, regular application of a turf builder type N.P.K. fertiliser, a once yearly application of trace elements, an application of selective broadleaf, depending on weather conditions sports turf may require and application of fungicide and/or insecticide, de compaction to help with the penetration of air and water to root zone areas, topdressing to improve the uneveness of playing fields/ovals. overseeding to heavy used areas (usually in the goal to goal corridor), regular mowing, de-thatching to remove spent root matter,

  • Pasture Renovation / Hobby Farms

    It is important to establish and maintain a strong stand of grass for healthier livestock. Pastures with poor grass stands are more susceptible to erosion, livestock damage, or weed invasion. A nice healthy pasture is not only good to look at, it also allows livestock to more efficiently utilize the forage resulting in healthier animals.  Grazing livestock on wet pastures can cause severe compaction and hoof ruts.  Wet and dry conditions can cause shrinking, swelling and cracking of a soil (especially in clay and clayloam soils).

    BWD have several machines and practices to help in the repair of pastures including: Power harrow, Smudging, Cultivation, Ripping, Roling, Overseeding or Drill seeding, Fertiliser, Herbicide, Insecticide and Fungicide treatments.

  • Home and Property Lawn Establishment

    In addition to enhancing the landscape, lawns provide practical benefits. A healthy lawn increases property values, controls soil erosion, filters pollution from runoff water, moderates summer round temperatures, adds oxygen to the air makes and makes an  enjoyable area for all the family to enjoy.

    Lawns need to be well looked after as there are several elements that can effect the conditions of you lawn, these include: Large weed infestations, Insect and disease damage, Drought, Shade, Heavy foot traffic, Poor drainage, Lack of Topsoil, Under or over fertilizing and fertilizing at the wrong time of year, Poor cultural practices (e.g. mowing too short or infrequently).  In some cases the lawn area will need to be completely renovated to get a healthy lawn or it may just require some fairly minor works.

    We at BWD can supply the following to improve lawn conditions, total renovation which involves herbicide to kill off existing growth, cultivate soil to a fine tilth, apply fertilise and ameliorants, hydromulch/hydroseed or turf.  Minor works include, herbicide, fertilise and ameliorants, oversowing and may need an insecticide treatment.

  • Slashing of Reserves, Paddocks & Building Sites

    Using a tractor mounted slasher, heavily grassed areas can be cleaned up for easy maintenance.  We specialise in maintenance of new estates and industrial areas during the building phase, parks, reserves and paddocks.

    Our services include slashing, mowing, whipper snipping and disposal of site rubbish.


  • Mowing of Ovals & Sports Grounds

    Using an adjustable deck height mower we can ensure your oval is mowed to correct height to ensure the best possible result for a good playing surface.


  • Aeration

    The Turf Management division of BWD Group have recently purchased a TA30 Deep Aerator machine which is used on Ovals, Sports playing fields, Parks and Golf courses.

    One of the main grass growth problems heavily used ovals, sports fields, park and golf courses incur, whether it be from vehicles or people is soil compaction.  If the soil is heavily compacted water, air and fertiliser are unable to penetrate to the root zone causing severe damage.  By aerating the surface it opens up the ground allowing water, air and fertiliser to penetrate to the root zone producing healthy growth.  Ideal time of the year to aerate is Spring and Autumn.

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