• BWD specialise in Small Soft Landscape works and Street Scapes.  Our main projects include new housing and industrial estates, small shopping centres, service stations, schools and kindergartens, domestic gardens, nature strips and roundabouts.  We can also supply a quotation for the maintenance of landscape works.

  • Streetscapes & Street Tree Planting

    Street tree planting in new or existing naturestrips or reserves, including staking and the construction of mulched tree wells.

  • Nature Strips & Medians

    Nature strip and median planting in new or existing nature strips. 

    We can also include the installation of nature strips by cultivation, placement of site or imported soil, levelling and grassing.

  • Garden Bed Construction

    Large or small areas can be mass planted with trees, shrubs or tubestock, a choice of various mulchs can be used to give a finished product. 

    Placement and levelling of site or imported soil using our bobcat prior to planting.

    Construction of timber or spade edges and small retaining walls.

    Matting or netting can be installed on sloped areas prior to mulching to help with the prevention of erosion.

  • Gravel Footpaths

    The construction of Granetic sand or gravel footpaths and tracks, finished with a timber or spade egde.

  • Rock Swale Drains

    Construction of new swale drains or repairing of existing swale drains in domestic or public areas using bobcat, installation of rock or pebble.

  • Jute Matting

    Jute matting is designed to reduce seed and soil loss, weed control, aids in the establishment of vegetation and varies other landscape solutions

  • Sediment Ponds

    Sediment ponds are often located within open space areas and can be landscaped to create an aesthetically pleasing recreation area.

     Landscape design to Sediment ponds generally focus on dense littoral vegetation planting to hinder access to the open water therefore increasing public safety, but can also include pathways and seating to encourage people to use the facility.

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