Erosion Control

  • Sugar Cane - B.F.M. (Bonded Fibre Matrix)

    The application of seed, fertiliser, sugar cane mulch and tackifier/binder with a water based slurry.  The slurry is sprayed by truck mounted canon or hand held hoses directly onto the soil surface.  Some areas may require a higher application rate depending on the steepness or the amount of erosion.

    The benefits of sugar cane are - takes longer to break down, up to 18 months, giving seed greater protection on steep slopes and time to germinate and establish.


  • Hydroseeding - Hydromulching

    Hydroseeding & Hydromulching both contain a solution of seed, fertiliser uniformly mixed and agitated in water. Tackifier/Binder can be added to either the solution for batters and steep slopes.

    With Hydromulch, celulose mulch is added to the agitated solution. 

    The slurry is sprayed by truck mounted cannon or hand held hoses directly onto the soil surface.  Natural dies are included for aesthetic reasons and to ensure uniform application.

    Please refer to our Hydroseeding/Spray on Lawn page further information.

  • Strawmulching

    STRAWMULCHING is a two stage process, firstly seed and fertiliser are uniformly mixed and agitated in solution with water. This is sprayed by truck mounted canon or hand-held hoses onto the soil surface.  During the second stage,  bales are fed into a “Straw Mulcher”. The straw is flailed, spun through a turbine and blown at high velocity through a barrel to spread evenly across the Hydroseeded surface. At the barrel tip, a fine atomised spray of Bitumen or Tackifier/Binder is introduced into the straw matrix.

    Straw mulching is used on a large range of disturbed areas, roadside batters, quarry restoration, dam construction, sand dunes, construction sites and estates etc.

    Please refer to our Strawmulching section on the Hydroseeding page for the main advantages of straw mulching.

  • Jute Matting


    Several different types of matting can be used for erosion control, they assist with stablising embankments and batters, most of the matting we use are made of natural products which will eventually break down. 

    Matting can be used with or with out seed  and in some cases can be planted out with tubestock with the roots binding the soil to prevent erosion.

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